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Chef Sausan of Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant

Sausan the Chef

Sausan, the Executive Chef of Al-Masri Engyptian Restaurant, was born in Marysville, CA, and lived overseas from age one until she was 15 years old.  During this time she learned the cuisines of several countries including Spain and Thailand as well as the Middle East when she began studying the dance of Egypt. 


In 1999, Sausan opened Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant, the only Egyptian restaurant in Northern California, promoting the culture and cuisine of Egypt.  As Executive Chef, Sausan brings Egypt to the table with delicious and mouthwatering authentic cuisine.  Her extensive knowledge and preperation know-how of Egypt cuisine as well as a teacher of the dance and culture, makes her a cut above the more typical restaratuer.  From mulukhia to meat kabobs and from doumbec beats to belly dance, the Al-Masri experience is one of uique fascination.  Make a reservation at Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant today.

Chef Sausan the Dancer and Teacher

Sausan the Pastry Chef
Sausan launched Bitchin' Baklava in December of 2012 and is now is several coffee shops across the City of San Francisco and in Berkeley.  She has gone on to open the MF'n Good Cookie Company and offers her bookies on Bitchin' Baklava website.

Chef Sausan the Dancer and Teacher
Baklava on a platter

Sausan the Dancer and Teacher

In 1972, Sausan had her first encounter in the Belly Dance arts. She moved to the San Francisco in 1977, and began performing professionally throughout the Bay Area in 1980.  Sausan served in the Navy Reserves from 1978 and retired in 2002 after serving for over 24 years. She has traveled and performed throughout the world with Antarctica being her most favorite. Her performances also include Princess Cruise Lines, The Rotterdam, and The Achille Lauro. Having performed in the north and south poles, Sausan is affectionately known as the "Duo Polar" Belly Dancer.


Sausan has published an international known as magazine, Sausan's Resource Directory Guide, well as a nationally known newsletter, Mohamed Ali Street Corner Quarterly. Her plans include an Al-Masri restaurant cookbook and several publications and instructional videos on Middle Eastern/Belly Dance. She has been published in several publications including Gilded Serpent and the Zaghareet magazine.


Sausan has stepped down from performing professionally, but does so from time to time. She opened the Sausan Academy of Egyptian Dance belly dance school in 2000, and is now focusing on teaching and providing instruction and dance opportunities to aspiring dancers who are eager to break into the belly dance field.  She continues to act as Executive Chef for her restaurant, Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant.  She holds on-going classes, workshops, and seminars and has lectured several times at the Stanford University, and at U.C. Berkeley.

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