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Egyptian Cooking Classes

Chef Sausan has been cooking up Egyptian based cuisine for over 15 years.  Her culinary experiences also include cooking Lebanese, Moroccan, Syrian, Greek, Spanish, and Italian cuisine. She know offers classes in "hands-on" Egyptian fare as well as an occasional dish of other Mediterranean countries.


Includes:   All ingredients, take-away trays, oven/stove usage, cleanup, and printed recipe.

Location:  Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant, 4031 Balboa Street, San Francisco;  415-876-2300.

Paypal:;  Check:  Made to Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant

Baba Ghanooj  •  Salatet Sabanekh  •  Lahma Mahshiya - $99

Wednesday, January 28, 2015; 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


This is one of Chef Sausan's tastiest three-course dinner.  Menu:  Baba ghanooj purred baked and roasted eggplant with sesame seed tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt starts it off as the appetizer, followed with a spinach salad tossed with a house dressing and topped with grilled scallions, pine nuts, and roasted garlic; then medalions of pounded tenderloin stuffed with two kinds of cheese and seasonings rolled into balls, baked, and topped with a tangy onion, garlic, lemon juice, and nutmeg sauce. After all that delicious and fun hard work, we'll sit down and enjoy the fruits of our labor with a beverage and end with a cup of 'ah-we, or Arabic coffee.


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Egyptian Cooking classes
Egyptian Cooking Classes
Egyptian Cooking Classes

Learn the way of Egyptian cooking!


These classes are great for all levels.  Cooking with Chef Sausan cooking classes are delicious, educational, and fun, and a true celebration of Egyptian life and culture.


Presently, Classes take place once a month in the Chef Sausan's own commercial kitchen at Al-Masri Egyptian Restaurant, the only Egyptian restaurant in Northern California. All classes are limited to six to eight people for best and most in hands-on cooking experience.


Classes can cover up to a three course Egyptian based menu and everyone participates in every step of the meal.  Classes vary from $50 to $99 per person, tax included.  A firm one-week cancellation policy is enforced.


Cooking with Chef Sausan offers The best in local and Middle Eastern ingredients, and where to buy them, and provides tips, tools and techniques including knife skills that will allow you to cook with greater confidence. And of course, there’s a fabulous feast to follow!


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